ZRP Management Training Institution
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  • Vision and Mission For ZRP Management Institution

    Vision: Becoming the cradle of management elites

    Mission: Imparting management skills to achieve a bright future for you and the company

  • Training Concept

    Promote modernized management and talent development for ZRP

    Integrate the most modern management knowledge and skills

    Inherit the management, technology and culture of ZRP printing

    Practical, competitive, effective

  • History Of The Management Institution

    In 2012, it was approved to be established by the board of directors

    Trained the management trainees of class 12 and 13.

    The phoenix project of sales organization in 2015 and 2016

    Leadership improvement training program in 2016

    Training for two classes of management trainees and training for management cadres at the middle and basic level in 2017

    Intensified training for monitors at the front line in 2017

The Elegant Demeanor Of ZRP Personnel
ZRP personnel, our pride

ZRP enjoys strong human resources including its management cadres promoted from the grass-root level, senior executives with working experience in multinational companies as well as management trainees educated in different colleges and universities all over China. Our focus on, love for and pursuit of the packaging industry will certainly help us create a bright future for ZRP.

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