Work Together Towards A Shared Vision - ZRP & LKK strategic cooperation signing ceremony & sharing was a complete success!

Release Time:2020-07-06

On July 3, ZRP and LKK signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen to cooperate in packaging design and production of brand products. Giving rein to the brand superiority of LKK in product innovative design and the technical superiority of ZRP in packaging innovation and manufacturing, the two sides will team up to render end brand customers with integrated solutions and services from products to packaging.




Representatives from both sides including Mr. Zhao Chenghua, General Manager of ZRP Marketing Center, Mr. Lei Zhile, ZRP Overseas Sales Director, Mr. Li Fuyin, Head in Charge of ZRP High-end Luxury Packaging Products, Mr. Chen Xiping, General Manager of LKK Shenzhen & LKK Life Partner, Mr. Lu Hongyao, Deputy General Manager of LKK Shenzhen, Ms. Wang Xiaomiao, Deputy General Manager of LKK Shenzhen, and Ms. Zeng Yijing, General Manager of LKK Shenzhen New Consumer Business Division as well as customers of some brands attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the launching of cooperation between ZRP and LKK!

In Mr. Zhao Chenghua’s words, ZRP has been innovating with upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain to serve customers in the past decade. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement with LKK marks forward-looking, pioneering and leading major strategic cooperation. The complementarity and strong alliance between both sides will bring novel experience to brand customers.

According to Mr. Chen Xiping, a perfect product is underpinned not only by excellent design, but by supreme packaging and product experience, making engineering implementation a necessity. LKK has long been exploring the supply chain from design to R&D at a strategic level and ZRP is hailed as a leader in China’s packaging design industry, this strategic cooperation means a milestone in the development of the back-end packaging design for LKK Shenzhen.


ZRP and LKK cling to the shared mission of “empowering perfect products, delivering value and boosting industry upgrade”. The perfect match between innovative design culture and customer service consciousness is the key to this strategic cooperation. Both sides are optimistic about this cooperation and will team up in depth to create value for brand customers!