Asia's First Nano Digital Printer Introduced to ZRP; Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Completed

Release Time:2019-12-18

        On December 18, 2019, ZRP successfully held the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the introduction of Asia's first nano-digital printing machine.

       The ceremony was held in the digital printing workshop of its factory in Zhongshan and was attended by Mr. Huang huanran, managing director of ZRP, Mr. Zhang Zhihua, managing vice director of ZRP, Mr. Tan Ronghong, general manager of the R&D center of ZRP, Mr. Zhou Xu,  Vice General Manager of ZhongShan ZRP, and leaders and representatives of relevant departments of the sales, R&D, and supply chain department of ZRP. Meanwhile, Michael Mogridge, Director and GM of APJ of Israel's Landa company, Edu Meytal, Landa’s Global VP of Sales and Marketing, Nir Zarmi, VP Product and Strategic Partners of Landa, Mr. Deng song, Sales Manager of Greater China of Landa, Wilson Mak, senior sales representative of Landa south China, Hong Kong and Taiwan region, and representative members of the marketing department of Landa were also invited to attend the ceremony to witness this significant moment together with ZRP.


Before the ribbon-cutting event


Before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mr. Huang Huanran, managing director of ZRP, addressed the ceremony


Michael Mogridge, Director and GM of APJ of Landa delivered a speech


Ribbon cutting ceremony


Group photo of the guests attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony


Unveiling of both teams


The unveiling ceremony of LandaS10 was jointly hosted by Mr. Huang Huanran and Mr. Michael Mogridge


Personalized color card desk calendar produced by ZRP Ingenuity


Personalized color card desk calendar front page signature


Group photo of the teams of ZRP and Landa

       As you know, Digital printing is the new trend of printing development in the future. Benny Landa who is the founder of Landa is the father of digital printing. He invented Nano graphic printing which is fire up the second digital revolution.   

With the introduction of Asia's first nano-digital printer to ZRP and its installation and acceptance, ZRP formally joins Landa’s “Lighthouse Project” and becomes Landa’s promoter in the Asia-Pacific region, and this also means that ZRP has taken another important step forward in exploring and creating the future of digital printing. We sincerely believe that digital printing is the trend of future printing and that the introduction of Landa S10 will be an important milestone in the digitalization process of ZRP.

       During the ceremony, all the guests were surprised and excited by the wonderful performance by LandaS10. At the scene, the color card calendar produced by ZRP is edited through variable data and the effect is immediate rendered without pre-printing. Besides, its high fidelity printing effect is not subject to spot color.


Exchanges between teams of ZRP and Landa at the ceremony


With the support of Landa S10, ZRP will meet more and more personalized and customized needs in a more flexible and timely manner, provide technical support for designers and brands to materialize more creative ideas. In following next couple month,we believe that we will fully exploit more advantages and functions of Landa S10!

       Uncertainty fills up the future market, the only constant is change, and the only thing that changes is the speed of change.After 41 years operation, as the pioneer and leader of China's packaging and printing industry, forging ahead to promote innovation and the development of domestic digital process and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of modern printing and packaging industry

      Let's wish the equipment to be put into production successfully and reach the capacity target smoothly!Let's look forward to the 4th Joint Innovation and Intelligent Packaging Open Day to be held next year and keep an open and integrated mind and continue to explore bravely! At that time, ZRP will offer customers brand-new digital solutions, and more innovative technologies and services!