“New Trend ? New Technology ? New Packaging”A Complete Success of “The 3rd ZRP Open Day in North China for Joint Innovation”

Release Time:2019-07-31

 Specialized innovation is the first productive force. On July 26, 2019, “The 3rd ZRP Open Day in North China for Joint Innovation & Intelligent Manufacturing and Packaging”, themed“New Trend ? New Technology ? New Packaging”, was held at Tianjin ZRP. Sharing of cutting-edge information and more than 100 latest innovation results and packaging solutions brought an innovation feast with both mental and visual impact to about more than 100 guests.

    Times change fast. We are fully aware that in future competition, we must break the boundary and join hands for win-win results. Only constant sharing can bring more inspiration to us and only more comprehensive opening-up can make us progress and grow faster, which is the driving force for ZRP to keep holding technical innovation exchange meetings and communicate in depth with customers. Mr. Yang Jianming, General Manager of Tianjin ZRP, extended his warm welcome and sincere thanks to the guests and friends present at the activity. 


                                                                                             Mr. Yang Jianming, General Manager of Tianjin ZRP

 Ms. Chen Xiaofang, Senior Manager of Retail and Emerging Industry Research at Nielsen, delivered a keynote speech themed “New Era, New Direction – Consumption Trend Sharing”.  She interpreted the new hot spots of consumption under the new business models, and pointed out how to grasp popular trends, how to embrace fast changes, and how to take consumer operation as the core to win the future. Her brilliant speech won burst of cheers from the guests.


Ms. Chen Xiaofang, Senior Manager of Retail and Emerging Industry Research at Nielsen

       Dr. Sun Xing, Deputy Director of the MIIT Cultural Development Center, made a speech titled "Support of Industrial Culture to Enterprise Brands", elaborating on the internal connection between packaging and cultural value, the mechanism of enhancing product’s cultural value, and how to increase product value through cultural creation. His speech won great praise from the guests!

                                                                                      image.png                                                                                                                                                                                        Dr. Sun Xing, Deputy Director of the MIIT Cultural Development Center

       Chinese consumers' interest in tasting new things rank the top in the world, and the consumption upgrade continues. The new generation of consumers have increasingly higher demands for health, convenience, experience, individuality and customization. So, how should we meet the escalating desire of consumers for new things? As an important part of products, what role can packaging play? Mr. Tan Ronghong, R&D Director of ZRP, shared the latest packaging trend around this topic, and released ZRP's latest innovative solutions and products. The gripping topic and wonderful presentation of the new solutions made the morning session of sharing end in a warm and exciting atmosphere.


                                                                                                                     Mr. Tan Ronghong, R&D Director of ZRP

        At the beginning of the afternoon session, the guests were attracted by two simultaneous keynote speeches on packaging – “Where Is the Way of Sustainable Packaging?”, and “Solutions to Intelligent Packaging of Food and Drugs”. Then, demonstration of more than 100 new samples and solutions and the subsequent exchange really push this innovation activity to a climax. Actively communicating and interacting with each other, the guests spent a happy and fruitful afternoon with curiosity and exclamation.




 ZRP has been adhering to the value of “serve customers sincerely, pursue excellence, and cooperate for mutual benefits” and attaching great importance to consumers’ needs for packaging experience. We promote iterative upgrading of products and solutions through innovation, aimed at creating value and surprise for customers. This innovation open day activity is a great success. We would like to thank all customers for their long-term support and all ZRP people for their unremitting efforts. ZRP will certainly go faster and farther on the road of innovation and development, and spare no effort to help customers scale new heights!