ZRP Printing & Packaging attends China Beauty Expo in Shanghai, capturing eyeballs for its innovative packages

Release Time:2019-06-21

   From May 20 to 22, the 24th China Beauty Expo was held in Shanghai, ZRP brought its innovative products to the event and became a focus of attention and praise among the clients. 

image.png      image.png

    During the event, ZRP stood out from other paper package producers. Its exhibition booth received a crowd of visitors and won their favor with its strength.


image.png     image.png

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In the event, ZRP brought six exhibition areas, i.e., micro-structural technology, 3D direct-printing technology, post-printing finishing technology, reverse pattern technology, fine gift box and smart shelf, of which 3D direct-printing and fine gift box were favored by the audience.

變臉.gif      13e6e42a962d0e320c7899e9a42c1344.gif

                      3D design                                                                 3D effect

      From static to dynamic, forms of packaging are enriched                                                  From plane to stereo, visual depth is increased 

123456.gif           59dd9d62ace447e2222a2f6979493962.gif

                  Embroidered gift box                                                        Voice linkage gift box

Integrating two-side embroidery to the gift box to show two design effects                                        The moment the drawer is opened, the turntable is activated and begin to rotate,                                    

                                                                                                                                                        which creates a dynamic silhouette effect. Complete with a photosensitive voice part, 

                                                                                                                                                        animated silhouette is formed.                       

       The success of the exhibition has originated from the great support from our new and old clients and the hard work of all our staff. We will release more innovative and competitive packaging solutions to the market. In 2020, we will meet again.