ZRP won the

Release Time:2019-05-08

ZRP won the "Operation Excellence Award" as a global supplier of Mars Wrigley

On April 16th ,2019, Mr.Zhaochenghua, President of Group Sale&Marketing, inspired us with a message from Chicago after attending the Mars Wrigley GLOBAL SUPPLIER CONFERENCE as invited: we have won the "Operation Excellence Award" as a global supplier of Mars Wrigley basing on our prior excellence. This exciting news has made ZRP glow again which has just passed its 40th birthday.

                                                             image.png             image.png

Looking back at the past 24 years of cooperation, ZRP and Mars have stayed committed to each other despite of ups and downs. We have deepened our cooperation with hard work and expanded our collaboration for our shared values. As a part of the supply chain of Mars Wrigley, ZRP endorses customer priority, honesty and reliability, excellence and win-win cooperation, which highly overlap with the five basic principles of responsibility, mutual benefit, high efficiency and independene held dear by Mars Wrigley in delivery, product quality, R&D and innovation. We never stop pursuing high-quaility products to satisfy our customers with credibility and innovation. And we always embrace excellence, win-win cooperation and mutual benefit.

This award represents the recognition from Mars Wrigley for our prior performance in innovation, collaboration, supply and operation as well as the expectation for better work. We will be constantly powered and convinced by the honor to make headway towards better results with innovation.

      As new intellegent factories begin to operate with modern equipment and advanced management values, ZRP will surely continue to flourish like a flower seed. In the future, we will champion the customer-based principle, focus on paper packaging and printing as well as consumer experience, understand and penetrate the explicit and implicit needs of our customers just as we always do. We will also put into action the five principles of Mars Wrigley and our values of mission during the cooperation forward. We are convinced that we can overcome the challenges in the future to become a globally-leading solutions service provider in printing and packaging.